“Being a good professional isn’t a goal, it’s a consequence”

Our lives are made up of experiences that play out one after another. We thrive on these experiences and search for those that will give us better lives. So, a brand that is dedicated to giving its clients satisfying experiences is a brand that is destined to succeed. This is the key: to create, between the brand and the consumer, a relationship based on trustworthiness and loyalty. Today, having sales as a lone objective is not enough. This is an idea that must be overcome, and we must strive to give the client something more than just a product: an experience.

I work in brand communications and public relations, because I know people. I know how to listen to them, and I know what they like in life and what they want. This is truly my vocation. I am curious and an observer. I admire the details and carefully look after them. I am an innovative being who never stops creating. I am passionate about finding out what companies are dedicated to and what the people do. I listen to their stories, and in them, I find experiences that deserve to be told and shared. For this reason, I believe that advertising cannot be something aggressive or focused exclusively on sales; rather it should be a real communication channel, a means for both people and companies to be heard.